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To my Awards Page

I am very proud to share my awards with you. Each one has so much meaning and I want to thank all who thought my page was worthy of their special award.

Thank you WolfLady, I am honored that you feel I deserve your beautiful award. Please visit WolfLady's Homepage.

Another beautiful award, thank you Foxy Lady! An award of excellence, wow, I am so honored. Please visit Foxy Lady's homepage.

Thank you so much Adele, I am honored to receive your award. Please visit Adele's Homepage

Thank you Sharon Rose for the lovely gift.This site is

Worth checking out !!

Thank you Morganlafey, for these two, very prestigious, awards. I am truly honored to receive them both. Please visit Morganlafey's Homepage

Thank you for your beautiful awards Greywolf. They are very special to me. I agree with you and I am proud to be your sister. Keep up your very important work, and maybe we can pass on our love and respect of wolves to others.

Thank you Linaka, for your beautiful award. I am so happy that you enjoyed my site and found it worthy of your award. By the way Shadow is just gorgeous!

Thank you to the Seven Star Lodge, I am honored!

Many thanks Rubylynn, I display your award with pride.

Thank you so much Dakota, having visited your outstanding site I am truly honored to receive this award from you.








Thank you Debbie, I love these beautiful awards!

Thank you Tammy!

Thank you Dan!

Thank you so much Dan!

Thank you Nancy!

Thank you Anna.

Thanks Lindy!

Thank you so much Lois for this

Award ,I am so honored.

Wolfwhisper Thank you very much for these two

Awards,I love them!!


Thank you so much Connie for the Beautiful wolf globe

I love it !!

If you would like a globe for your site please click

On the Angel globe above to visit Connie*S*