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Through my Guest Book I have met a lot of very nice people.

People who offer ideas or suggestions, want to give me things

Like pictures or poems for my site. This picture and poem

Was offered to me by one of those "Special" people. It is called

BROTHER WOLF and was entered in a poetry contest at on 11/01/2000

Thank You ~Wolf ~Angel

Aka Tony Kretz

I am thrilled to be able to display her Wonderful Poem on my site.




Sit next to me brother wolf,

Under the shadow of the dark

Let's look up to the stars.

For each star you see up there,

Brother wolf.

It is a symbol of each of our kind dying,

Fading as man takes over the earth.

At one time the sky was clear,

With no stars.

God came to the earth,

He told man to treat all animals with respect.

For each animal that dies,

So shall a star be placed in the sky.

In remembrance of it's honor.

When the heavens are so filled with stars,

That you cannot see the darkness of the sky,

This will be the time that man shall die.

It's a shame brother wolf,

For I would have thought man would have learned.

It is his own existence,

He holds in the palm of his hand.

But all he seems to care about is his land.

He forgot the ones that were here before,

The ones that had to suffer his pain and endure.

For man is strong with weapons In hand,

But soon he will realize,

That was not God's plan.


This "Wolf Globe" was made by me.

The Background and Buttons are all courtesy of Karen Chapman

Aka, Broken Arrow

Please pay Karen a visit to see her Wonderful work.