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Welcome to my Special

Christmas Page.

This page is made especially for my

Family. I love you all and wish

you a Merry Christmas !

Although we are all grown now and Families of our own, I

Wish to take you back in time. Back when we were young

And how it used to be.Even though we were eight children

And did not always get lots of presents like kids today,

We loved Christmas and what we did get meant so much.

Christmas Eve we always went to Grams house for dinner.

Dad and Mom would load us all into the stationwagon and

Head for Tracy.When we got to the Back Tracy road in

The Junction,Dad would pull over and take the eight seater

Toboggan and tie it to the bumper of the car.We all got

On and he drove slow till we reached Grams house.

Then it was in the house and into the front room till dinner

Was ready.What a feist we used to have.

After dinner Grampy would get us to dress again and with

Lantern in hand take us up to the Barn.He would open the

Doors and in we marched.He then climbed into the haymow

And threw down a bale of hay.With his jacknife he cut the

Twine off and then grabbed the pitchfork.He would through

The hay out the doors onto the ground.He always told us

It was for Santa's Reindeers to eat when Santa was in the

House leaving the Presents under the tree.

Then it was back down to the house where we had cookies

And a glass of fresh cows milk.Gram always had homemade

Fudge and peanutbrittle.All our presents were loaded into

The car as well as some bakeing she had done.

By now we were ready to go home because Santa was

Comeing to our house !! *S*

When we got home we went right to bed.

The next morning when we would wake up there would be

A stocking on the end of our bed full of nuts, fruit and

Of course candy. We ran down the stairs to see what

Santa had left us.Then and only then did we see the

Christmas Tree for the first time.

I do not know how Mom and Dad ever did all the work

They must of had to do in one night to make for us

A Christmas I can never "Forget"

I Love You Both

Ps,Every Christmas Eve I light a candle for Mom and do not go to

Bed till it has burnt out.I have done this for many years now.I feel

A closeness and it is a small token for all the love she gave.

To....Dougie, Ronnie, LouAnne, Patricia, Randy

Claudette and Andy.

If Christmas were Wishes

I would wish for you,,

Peace, Love and Happiness

All the year through.

Love Ya,



The Background and Graphics for this page was made

By Marvelicious.Visit her site to see her Beautiful

Work.Thanks for shareing.