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This page is dedicated to my Dear Uncle


Lloyde Carter



Born May21/1922

Died  August 11/2007




He was just another soldier
                Who was called into the war
                Among the many heroes
                I had seen his face before.

                Just barely out of high school
                Still wet behind the ears
                And called to serve his country
                I felt his mother's tears.

                When they handed him his papers
                He stood there like a man
                His family, filled with sorrow
                They could not understand.

                To fight for truth and valor
                To make an oath with God
                To know of future perils
                On foreign soils abroad.

                To know the sounds of gunfire
                To lay awake at night
                To fear the evening shadows
                And hope for morning light.

                To dread the looming forces
                Pressing onward, come what may
                To place his life in danger
                With every passing day.

                He waited for a letter
                So many miles from home
                Just praying for an answer
                And feeling so alone.

                He was just another soldier
                Like many you will meet
                A son, a friend, a brother
                The boy just down the street. 


                                                      Lloyde George Carter fought in WW11.

Having served in United Kingdom,

Central Mediterranean,Italy,France and

Germany.He served from 1939 till he was discharged in1946.


Rome, Italy June 4 1944 is the day the Allied Forces liberated the city of Rome during World War 11.

It is a tribute to all those who have served their country, and a reminder of the blessing and the price of freedom.




How do you say “Thank You” to someone who did what they

willingly have done? It is only by actions that we can repay them.

That is why I made this page.

Not only for Lloyde but for all veterans of the Armed Forces.

Whether they died in combat or in bed from old age.

We owe them so much,because they bought our freedom for us.

I bet Lloyde is now a soldier in God’s Army..



This is a little token for Aunt Ida





May this candle burn forever in your memory

Your memory shall burn forever in our hearts.

We love and miss you.