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Marlon's wolf Poems

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person on the net

over a year ago .This person turned out to be a true Friend and

also a great Poet.I am very honored to have been given these

two Wolf poems from that Very Special Friend . "Thank You"

from the bottom of my Heart,

Spirit Mate

I looked into my Heart and it was there,

Where he dwelled, that I saw Him.

Love In Another World

There he stands his mane glistening

with silver wisps

There she stands quivering with anticipation.

Her breath hot and misty,

This cold winter afternoon

There he stares with majestic poise

It shines for all the world to see

They court the ritual that time

graces to bare witness to.

They lock in vunrable and loving sighs

Were she is the one for life

To shine for all to see

For in this world of haste

There silent vows have sealed there fate.

They live there life of truth

For hardship dares them through

The pinnacle of canine world

For all of kinds to envey thee.

Then one harsh winters toll

The burden of pups was real

The lack of food has weakened them both

She does not last to see

Another day with he who sees.

His eyes are comfort for a ghost

The following nights full moon

His silhouette contrasts the frozen sky

That eery cry of wolfs reprise

Stalks the air to echoes side

For love like this transcends his life

To the deeps of death its very self

His cry is aimed to reach

love in another world

For man or canine which is worse


This is where the huntress prowls

Her lone wolf stalks her as prey

She feels him burning from afar

She hears his howl from echo's side

Longing for his heat inside

This is where her hunter stalks

His wordsmith art grips her heart

His hunger grows stronger

He smells her trail from afar

Longing for her heat inside

This is where love is pray

Where desire mortally wounds

Life's fire burns blinding light

Their love bonds them from afar

Longing for embracing heat inside




"Wolf Tears"


Thank You Marlon !

You are so Special