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Something Missing



Christmas is soon approaching again but there is something missing.





Something Missing


It's like reading a good book,

But unable to turn the final page.

It's like listening to a great song,

But skipping the chorus.

It's like a beautiful flower,

Unable to bloom.





It's like a romantic poem,

That does not touch your heart.

It's like perfect dinner candles,

That just won't stay lit.

It's where a wonderful sunset,

Falls too quickly.





It's like watching a sad movie,

Where your tears fall on the inside.

It's imagining seeing her, but she does not see you.

Then realizing your not imagining,

It's "Real".


You are missed today, tomorrow and always.

Christmas Eve I shall once again light your candle.

The candle may burn away but my love for You burns on.




I love you Mom!!!

The song playing is "Blue Christmas"

Mom's Favorite, but one of my saddest.





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