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To My Mother

Mom, I miss you terribly and think about you all the time. I know that you are not suffering where you are and for that I am grateful. I will see you again some day but until then I send you this rose carried by the spirit of the wolf. I love you Mom.

This candle has been lit today, May 12th, 1999, in memory of you Mom. I will continue to light a candle in memory of you every Mother's Day and other holidays but this candle will burn for you as long as this page is on the internet.

If we held the key to the fountain of youth we would never grow old and see our loved ones suffer as I saw you suffer.


She has been God's laborer to keep me safe and sound
She has kept me in sight, calmed my fears in the night
She has argued and fought, she has paid and she's bought.
She's been sick and she's been feeble
Never mean, yet sometimes disagreeable.
She's given love like there's no tomorrow
If she didn't have enough, she would have borrowed.

There is nothing I could ever do to repay
Except do God's work, and hope and pray.
.....I hope she will one day see how close I wish her and I to be.
And let her know there will be no other
She'll always be my beloved Mother.

(Inspired by the one who gave me life and love)

At the dawn of every life,
at the birth of every child,
there is alwaysa joyous thoughts
that brings memories of
care, affection and also pains and anxiety,
but all add up to a poem of Love.

Every human being carries with him or her
the seal of this Love
and remembers the maternal tenderness
which is very hard to remove from the heart.

Over the years,
even when our hair turns gray,
there remains the distant memories
and the strong desire to see once again Her,
who carries the affectionate name of Mother.
Her name is a fountain
of peaceful thoughts, generosity, serenity and Love.
We always talk nice about our Mother
and we always speak highly
of her merits and good guidance
and when She is gone,
a veil of sadness surrounds our hearts.

There is a legend
that says that since God
could not be physically present
amongst all His people at all times,
he created Mothers to take His place.
Looking at the smile
on the face of a Mother
as she looks at her baby
explains it very clearly.

If we look at Nature we see so much beauty:
the People, the Mountains,
the Oceans, Rivers, Trees,
the Flowers, Stars and the Birds....
But the Sun doesn't shine on anyone
more beautiful than you, MOTHERS!

Thanks for filling this World
with so much genuine love.
With sincere admiration,
love and respect to all of you,

Alfred Grech