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Wolf Puppy Page

These guys are just too cute to not be included!!!

If I call out your name, "Will you listen"?

If I do not like it, "Do I have to eat it"?

If I wish to be alone, "Will you leave me be"?

If I hold out my hand to you,

"Will you show me the way"?

If I tell you I want to be with you,

"Will you let me stay"?

When I am sad and want to be left alone,

"Please understand".

If I want to be picture perfect,

"Will you make me one of your creations"?

"Will you protect me even as I am growing up?"

If I decide to run away, "Will you bring me home"?

I love when you hug me.

Do you see mom or dad yet?

I mean it !!

This is my Favorite

And this one also.

You are the best Mom

Just cause you are bigger does

Not mean I am gonna sit

And take it.