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Roma's Space


My Den

Welcome to My Den. I hope you enjoy your visit since this is what I spend all my free time doing.

Last revised:April 2, 2006

Thank you so much Dan for this beautiful gift. I display it with pride and am honored to have met you.

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The "Spirit of the Wolf" protects these pages.

I have many pictures, poems and stories dedicated to the most beautiful animal alive "The Wolf". I know that I alone can't save them from extinction but I hope that my homepage will reach out to others and make them aware. Together we can make a difference. If you share my love, respect and dedication to wolves I am sure you will enjoy your visit and even if you don't I hope this page will touch you! On these pages you will see many pictures of wolves, I have made this their home and sanctuary. Please do not take them without my permission, I love them so much and wish to protect them.

Human beings like to look into the eyes of an animal and see a certain "dumbness" reflected there. It is comforting. But when you look into the eyes of a WOLF you will experience the eerie sensation that there is entirely too much intelligence going on in there.... YOU CAN SEE THEM THINKING, calculating, planning and it's unnerving for most folks. It leaves you with an impression that will de-throne your superior posture in a Heartbeat. It is my personal belief that it was this startling realization, in part, that helped to fuel the fires of Hatred between man and these beautiful creatures. Human beings are not the only species on this planet, they just think they are.

The fear and hatred of wolves has been passed down from generation to generation. Remember "The Big Bad Wolf"? We were all brought up on such nursery rhymes and tales telling us how evil wolves are. My hope is that we can realize how special these creatures really are and save them before it is too late.

Those who seek to understand,
Know that they are not cruel.
They Kill only what they need,
living by Mother Nature's rule.
So when you hear the Wolf's howl,
listen to it to the full,
Feel it's primeval beauty,
Way deep down in your soul!
~ author unknown ~

"A Tear for Tomorrow"

I found this picture while surfing the net. I loved it so much I had one of my girlfriends, who is a marvelous painter, sketch it for me. It is beautiful. I hung it on my wall with pride. It depicts a city in the background, the face of an old Native Indian in front of the city and a wolf with a tear in its eye in the forefront. The walls we've built have taken away their freedom!

*Thank You Jelly, you know who you are*

"Her Song"

Soft white snow now covers the ground.
A female wolf treads softly back to her loving mate
Something warm and loving soft to cling to in her harsh world
Life is made bearable with him and all is then made well
But soon shall she know that what she knew is lost to her
As she returns her spirit abruptly dies
Her mate lies before her in a snowy grave
Red streaks stain the snow around him, leading her eye to him
His heart which beat so fondly now is silent within his once proud chest
His organs which provided survival are spread about the scene haphazardly.
Man had taken his life
Gentle, quiet snows drift from the sky
So foreign it appears in the wolf's collapsing world
Her love is dead, and his body stretched before her as proof
She stands half of what she used to be, alone, with her mate
Lifting her white muzzle to the sky she sings a story
Of love, time, man, injustice, hate, death, and of a battle of life far beyond comprehension

~ author Silent Wolf ~

Many thanks for permitting me to use your poem, proud to be your fighting buddy.

A wolf's mourning howl is one of the most haunting sounds known to all animals...human and non-human. When a wolf loses a companion a period of mourning follows during which the surviving mate will utter a particular kind of song. Perhaps out of respect, no other wolves will join with the howler during his or her moments of grief.

Wolves are hunted, trapped and killed to the point of extinction. How many are maimed by the gun? How many babies are left to die alone because mom has been killed?

"Wolf Credo"

Respect the Elders

Teach the Young

Cooperate with the pack

Play when you can

Hunt when you must

Rest in between

Share your affections

Voice your feelings

Leave your Mark

"See we are not so different from them, these are words for all to live by"

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is so beautiful and mystical.

I would like you to meet "Braveheart" my Cyber Mascot. He is such a kind and gentle soul. If you would like to adopt your own Cyber Mascot just pet Braveheart.

This little angel wolf pup is Tamona. Isn't she gorgeous? To adopt one of your own just scratch Tamona (she likes that).

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About me

I never get tired of hearing the howl of the wolf. It is mysterious,
haunting, wonderful, and full of life. It is indeed "The Call of the Wild"
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This is my first homepage and so it will be a slow and lengthy process to get it up and running. I will be updating it on a regular basis so please drop back in again.

As you have probably guessed I absolutely lovewolves.


My family -to come-

Suzie, thank you so much for this beautiful snow globe!

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Last revised: April,2 2006


I would love to give credit where credit is due so if any of these graphics belong to you please contact me.